On December 31, 2023, TK BOX blind box e-commerce held a launch conference for the TK BOX e-commerce platform with the theme of “Innovation and Future” in Jakarta, Indonesia. This conference represented the e-commerce platform’s entry into a new blind box E-commerce operation model.

Deeply cultivate the industry and set sail for glory

Founded in 2023, TK BOX is an international innovative comprehensive e-commerce platform. It pioneered a new e-commerce model of interest e-commerce + blind box gameplay.

TK BOX integrates interest consumption and life consumption to provide users with a new shopping experience. TK BOX has core advantages such as innovative gameplay, diversified categories, and humanized product experience. It allows users to not only extract fashionable shoes, 3C, beauty, clothing, fashionable figures and other products in the form of unboxing blind boxes, making consumption full of fun and surprise.

TK BOX wants to create a new blind box e-commerce model. When users receive a gift they like, they can choose to deliver it, and the logistics will deliver the gift immediately, without false delivery. In order to increase the playability of blind boxes, TK BOX has innovated the consignment model. When users find a product they don’t like, they can resell the product through the consignment hall without worrying that the product cannot be resold. Users can earn the price difference through consignment.

Capital leads investment to lead the times

According to the Associated Press: On July 25, 2023, blind box e-commerce brand TK BOX received angel round financing led by Venture Partners and followed by multiple venture capital institutions for technology research and development.

Investment representatives from Venture Partners stated that they are confident in TK BOX’s business model and development prospects, and believe that the company has strong market potential and competitive advantages. Through this investment, Venture Partners hopes to help the TK BOX platform achieve its internationalization strategy, further expand its global market share, and provide consumers with a richer and more diversified e-commerce platform.

Continuous breakthroughs to create the future

It is reported that TK BOX blind box e-commerce has received praise from countless consumers during the trial operation stage. Whether it is the high-quality product supply chain or the innovative gameplay, players have been pleasantly surprised. A new era has arrived, and TK BOX will continue to develop and innovate as always, focus on serving consumers, and create a new era of blind box e-commerce consumption.